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This photographic series tends to explore the reflection of a surrounding in water. The pictures were taken using a polarizer. These reflections keep changing due to the effect of light and movement of water. This continuous change results into different patterns and colours, each eager to be defined and interpreted by the observer in his or her own way. The more time a person spends at looking at them the deeper meaning these images convey. They evoke curiosity by crossing the lines between photography and painting and take us into the era of abstract expressionism.
The main objective of this work is to remind us of the alternate reality existing around us that often goes unnoticed; but is full of wonders to behold and relish. I have given each of the pictures a title according to what I felt by looking at them like Mystery, Overwhelming, Urgency, Isolation and Uncanny. It seems as if the water has been painted by space and time through the medium of light itself.

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